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I have added two small GE electric steeple cabs to what will be my electric short line to mines. They will help out the two Westinghouse electrics that work the line. The short line will connect to the Milwaukee Road main. After many tries I made the cabs to fit on Williams 44 ton locos. Sold one to a guys that super detailed the kit and won first prize at the National O scale convention. Traction division. Don
Thanks gunrunner john, and Krieglok. I've seen crane car tenders with shorty cabooses on them but what would you do if you were out in the "field" for days? This set will live most likely on a siding most of it's life. I just like to imagine "what if's" Don View attachment 593405
Maybe this cut in half combo car wasn't my idea. Just found this photo. Don View attachment 593426
Is this all one car? What minimum curve would be required?

View attachment 593428
All one MTH 70ft combo car. I use a minimum of 072. Don
6221 - 6227 of 6227 Posts