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I received the 314AW. I think it is really nice. It runs but needs a tune-up. Put oil in and it smokes. Don't know how the whistle unit works, or what extra's I have to buy, but will learn. Mainly interested in getting the engine running good for now. Overall, the paint and graphics are wonderful. Curious to what it would grade on the scale? 6 or 7? Owner said it sat for 40 yrs. but opened the tender and it has been rewired and the drum was like new. Lubed the loco and p View attachment 585637
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ut it on the test stand and it started out very slowly but gained speed in no time. Here are some picks. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MY FIRST STEAMER. Now I have 8. Wife is starting to question me.
Yeah that's how it goes. After the first one, you just can't stop at just that one. Sounds like are officially hooked. Kenny
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