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Why Must I Re-Log-In?

I logged in today, went to the thread I started yesterday, saw that I had received a reply, and tried to reply to that. I was required to log in again, in spite of the fact that I was already logged in. O.k., I grumbled a bit, but I did log in again and posted a reply.

Then I went over to the Z-scale group, read a thread there, and decided to post a question. Once again, I was required to log in, in spite of the fact that my two previous logins -- with no subsequent logouts -- should have had me pretty solidly logged in.

Instead of logging in there, I came to this sub-forum to try to get some help. And -- you guessed it -- I was required to log in, again, to post this!

Is it really the case that all these separate logins are required, or is there something wrong with my setup? I checked the FAQ, and didn't see anything about this problem there.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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