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I was setting up to decal some old Lionel cars I was working on, and I thought finding Lionel-like fonts for decals would be an easy Google, but it was not.

It's a lot easier to find "like-fonts" for real Railroads.

So I'm sharing some I found. A couple are free, a couple cost but low dollar for professional fonts.

Black Darkness White Sky Light

I'm only suggesting FontSpring as a source on the paid ones because you can download try-before-you-buy samples of many of the fonts, usually crippled by missing a couple numerals and punctuation.

View attachment Lionel_Like_Fonts.pdf

If you are a Graphic Designer you'll probably notice the "N" in "Lionel" for Conthrax, or the "R" in "Trains" for Odudo, etc., etc. but be honest, you know most people won't.
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