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I took my two boys to the South Shore Model Railway Club springtime open house in Hingham, MA (south of Boston) today. Boy, did we have a blast. The club members have been "at it" for a few years building a large, integrated HO layout ... mostly 1950's in era. All DCC (of course), masterfully controlled by engineers on the floor working in harmony with guys in the control booth that's elevated up about 15' overlooking everything.

They're still building/expanding, but their posted plans show quite a bit of careful organization. And the craftsmanship of components completed is first class.

They have open houses twice a year ... March (this weekend), and again in October.

My kids loved a 4-loco diesel team pulling 32 (!) flatcars with deck with circus loads.

I fell in love with the most incredible semi-custom old-fashioned fire engines that one of the members had created ... super tiny gold pinstriping, etc.

And, I "discovered" a new steam streamliner to add to my collection of "boy, those were beautiful" much-admired list ... an I-5 that ran for the New York / New Haven / Hartford passenger line. Quite the looker. The club had one in HO running 'round the loop. I inquired about the "ballpark cost" of the loco ... I'd need about 17 rich uncle's to afford one!

Do any of you know much about the history of the I-5's? I'll have to do a little digging/reading.

Anyway, for those interested, the club's website is ... the smiles on my kids' faces tells it all.

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