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SP grey & red GP9's and SD9's.. Where are they?

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I am a machinist for the UP shop in roseville Ca. We are a former SP shop and those are the trains I loved as a kid.
I am looking for an SP SD9 or SP GP9 in grey and red colors but cant seem to find any anywhere. I know they were made years and years ago..

I'd really like one of those SD9's in the 4400's
I am also looking for ruddy red SP cars especially 'hydra-cushion" cars in HO also.

Can anyone help me here?
Thanks, John
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Check Walthers. If they do not carry it then it is going to be very difficult to find. will list their current models as will many other manufacturers. Search EBay will give you an idea of out of production items that are on the used market. Large train shows also may have something.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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