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Seems to be doing more harm than good, I think I will disable it for a while and see how we make out.
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Yea, it seems to be... If you were to reenable it in the future, is there any way that you could allow users to "be approved"? Like say someones first post was blocked, but they are obviously not a spammer, you could make it so that in the future none of their posts were sent through the filter... Do you get what I am saying, because it sounds like I did not explain it well, LOL :retard:
What I did actually instead of turning it off completely was increasing the point threshold for it to be triggered, initially it was at 10, now it's at 20. So unless the poster is going way overboard on spamminess they should not get blocked, and then we don't have to get involved.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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