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Hello All

We have just issued a CMT Flash to all HO members of to inform them about a limited edition boxed set of The Canadian passenger train. It is a 2 engine FP9A set, with DCC and sound with 10 prototypical cars. The sets are produced by Rapido Trains from brand new tooling. The engines are not repainted Intermountain models, they will be brand new, and prototypically correct. There are five different paint schemes for Canadian Pacific and VIA.

We have a special offer for our members, with a gift certificate for each set reserved, and a draw for 2 different pictures of The Canadian by Bill Barnes and David Oram. In this Flash we gave additional information about when the 5 different paint schemes ran. So you can choose the appropriate set for your era without suffering buyers remorse later on.

As well, we noted in the CMT Flash that we have an exclusive offer for professionally custom painted VIA F40PH's, from Kato models. You have the option of having DCC installed or DCC & sound installed. There are also 2 different paint schemes to choose from. These F40PH's meet the needs of current era modellers from the 1980's to now, as the FP9's were taken out of service in the 1980's. The Rapido Trains package includes 10 passenger cars and 2 FP9A's (with a dummy B unit). This meets the needs of modellers from the 1950's to the early 1980's. The Canadian still runs today, but pulled by VIA F40PH's.

There is too much to tell you here, you need to register and read a copy of our CMT Flash for all the details.

To register go to and click on the banner where
it says to register here. Our special offer is time limited, so do
not delay.

Best regards,
Tom Tomblin, President,
Canadian Model Trains Inc.
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