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Spectrum Egines UP and Conrail

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Ok, as my idea of operations taking shape i will offer the items i bought on an impulse during the beginner modelers "oooh!!! i got to buy stuff!!" phase :rolleyes:

2 units of UP dash8-40 and a Conrail SD45. the Conrail is factory DCC equipped

Bachmann Spectrum dash 8-40 United Pacific. not new but running well. kadee couplers on both, some extra detailing on one of the engines. original boxes included.

brand new in the box DCC equipped Spectrum SD45. runtime - about 3 laps around my 4x7 loop. original packaging and all the documents as pictured.

if you want even more detailed pictures let me know
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what engines do you still have left let me know I interested
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