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Spectrum Engine want run on DC?

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Ok, I have picked up a brand NIB still had the plastic wrap on it, Bachmann Spectrum steam engine off ebay. The engine came in, still in the wrapper. My son took the plastic off, we took a look, then put it on my test track (DC equiped, MRC Throttlepak). Well the engine will not run??! The lights work (front in forward, and the tender light in reverse), but it want move a muscel. What gives? I though all DCC engines would work on DC also??
Was told by my LHS guy, that it could have a hard-wired decoder in it? Is that what is wrong? If this thing is bad, how do I tell, before voiding the warranty taking a decoder out?
Please someone help :(
Thanks, Kevin
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It seems like a similiar problem with Lionel Railsounds. I suspect with DCC the engine needs to be addressed. If it has a decoder an address is programmed. In normal DC ops it may need some bell/ whistle commands. I suggest going to the Spectrum site and reading up.I have found the brand names have good sites with plenty of reference material.
Some members do have Spectrums so maybe they can give more info. This is my limit on the knowledge part.
At a second glance I found more switches.
The last tender switch shuts off the motor.
The switches under the boiler need to be off or on DC.
Try this.
If it has a battery a short recharge on the tracks is enough. I would suspect you didn't leave it on the tracks long.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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