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Starting over?

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Ok, so how many if any of you have finished your layout and not been very satisfied and started over?

I've been working on just getting my track reliable now for nearly 3 weeks and as I get it more close to being done I realize I'm not all that impressed. There are several things I'd do different.
1st and most important, I'd keep my track more in reach. Right now I can't even get to some of my track now that my ground cover and such is down.

2nd I'd make sure to never ever again have 2 pieces of flex track join in the middle of a curve again! This has been a major pain and the only repair I've found to be a permanent fix was to cut the center of the curve out and solder in a new piece of 36" flex in the center of the curve.

there's so much more I'd change, but too long to list!

Maybe I'm just frustrated and venting, lol....

My wife says everything is looking awesome, and she loves being down there while the engines are chugging along (she loves the sound engines!) but maybe I've just been blinded by the work and having a tough time enjoying it lol.......
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Hey dozer...hang in there...I, too, built another layout after not being happy with my first attempt. I was happier with the second layout, and I dismantled the old one and incorporated every inch of it into the new layout! There is hope!

Having a joint in a curve is hard to avoid. Anything bigger than 18" radius is going to have a joint somewhere in there. I think if the radius is a bigger size, it might be less likely to cause problems. One mistake I made on my first layout was to put too much of a curve into my flextrack. It should be as large and gradual as possible in my opinion. The trains will let you know if it is too sharp a curve! I am sure there are things we would all do different again!

Anton...nice job laying track! You have definitely put the time and effort into the track-laying process!

Reckers, well said as always! A layout is much like golf...a work in progress with perfection difficult to attain!

All we can do is do the best job we can!

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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