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This is an Aristocraft Mikado I got in trade for some woodwork. The motor ran but the valve gear harness was broken. I originally planned on reinforcing the frame using brass plates and 00-90 nuts and screws, but after waiting a month for the parts I managed to shatter the frame while drilling the holes.
So I built a new harness. it's brass sheet cut and folded into an appropriate shape. The hinges are straight pins glued into place and snipped short. It's not particularly graceful but the engine runs now and the valve gear moves appropriately. I had to do some work with the electrics (when I retire I'm taking a soldering class) and touch up the black paint. Oh yeah, Kadee couplers...
I have the same problem with this engine as my Aristocraft Mountain, it stalls across number 4 switches (I suspect the drivers are too fat and shorting across the frog) but otherwise it runs and I'm satisfied with that. I'm going to try to shorten the distance between the engine and tender though, that doesn't look right.
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