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Steam Loco questions froma noob

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I am looking to add an affordable steam-type loco to my ho train/slot car mix layout that my grandkids and I love to play with. My track radius is 18". What would be a good, inexpensive loco to buy? I want to pull 5 or 6 cars and have a small incline to climb. 0-4-0? 0-6-0? 2-6-0? Any brands to avoid? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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I would say that over half of my Steam roster is IHC/Mehano. I have converted most to DCC now and they seem to really like the addition, and run much smoother with it.
If you search on eBay on any given day you will find lots of IHC Steam engines for very reasonable prices. I wouldnt worry about the wheel configuration as much as the price. Most of the IHC ones pull with 1 driver and the side arms take care of turning the rest. A good IHC Premier series 2-6-0 would more than pull the few cars your looking to do.

If you have any questions on them, feel free to PM me.

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