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Steam locomotive sizes...

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First off, sorry for stealing your images T-Man :p

So, pictured below is a 2026 Prairie steamer and a 2056 Hudson steamer, both postwar... As you can see the Prairie is smaller than the Hudson... Now, is this size difference because of a difference in scale, or is the Hudson actually bigger in real life? Postwar Lionel classifies both as "mid-sized" and this is why I ask...

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In real life terms, a Berkshire would be about the same boiler highth as a Hudson, but the Berkshire had a larger "super heated firebox" and was much longer than the Hudson, besides, the Hudson had only 6drive wheels, Berk had 8. A Prairie wasnt much more than a 0-6-0 switcher with pilot and trailing trucks added.
One thing you would have to look at also, is the Driver size. A Freight engine might have the same boiler as a Passenger engine, but the Drivers on Freight engines are smaller in diameter and vise-versa on the Pass engine for speed, not torque.
My son's have the O-scale stuff, but from what I have seen, you should find a web site that gives a "standard" highth for a tunnel/bridge opening.
Try this site....

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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