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hello all, I'm new here with some questions.

I have some ho trains from a while back that I'd like to display. Problem is, I live in a relatively small condo and don't have a ton of space. I do, however, have a 21' long wall in my living room/ dining room that screams "shelf with trains". Ideally I'd like some sort of shelf the length of the wall, perhaps a little more than a foot from the ceiling (I have 9.5' ceilings), that is wide enough for two sets of track; one that runs the length and has the train going back and forth, and another that is essentially switches leading to sidings for trains not in use.

My questions are: is there a shelf for purchase that could accomodate my needs or would I have to construct my own? What would I need to have the train go back and forth in a straight line (I'm assuming some kind of reversing thing?)? Is the idea of the switches doable, or should I just have "dead" track and manually lift the trains over as I want them to run? What type of power pack do I need to make all this happen?

Sorry for the long first post. Thanks very much for all your help. I'll post pictures as the project progresses.
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