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Street lights and wiring for LED's

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1)In HO scale, what is the normal distance between street lights.

2) What size wire do you guys use when wiring up your lights to a power supply?

3) When using LED lights if a resistor is required as an example, you needed a 460 size could you put (2) 230 size back to back?
I realize the values shown may not even be right but the concept is what I am asking.

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Resistors in series: Ωtotal = Ωvalue + Ωvalue + Ωvalue
2000Ω = 1000Ω + 500Ω +500Ω
Resistors in Parallel: Ωtotal = 1/((1/Ωvalue)+(1/Ωvalue)+(1/Ωvalue))
200Ω = 1/((1/1000Ω)+(1/500Ω)+(1/500))
In Parallel, the total resistance, will be less then the lowest value resistor.
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