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Suggestions, Please

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When my daughter was small, she would say, “Please, please, please,” Ana a few seconds later she would say, “And one more please.”

So, I am asking with a “”please”” for suggestions –

The photo is of the beginning of a upper level bump and go trolley – 66 inches long – 10 MYH lamps between the white fence sections

The Questions: How do I make this look more wintery – or – how do I bump it up a bit

I can add dept 56 icicles along the bottom edge of the red support board
I can add a piece of ¼ round running in the center of the red support board just to give it a bit of definition
I can all a bit of snow behind the trolley track

And – Or – what do you suggest

Thank you – Mr Toad


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thank you

""Fire21"" - Thank you so much


""beachhean2"" , i have the wreaths and thanks for the suggestion - this i will do.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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