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Suggetions needed

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I need some suggestions / ideas. My left arm and hand are kind of out of control due to a stroke. How can I replace my left hand on the work bench. I am using helping hand now (alligator clips on flexible mount) that does help but not a cure all. Suggestions please.:thumbsup:
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How about something like a B&D workmate? New ones have holes that you can place plastic holddowns on, sort of like a wood bench. Also I would consider using a padded cradle to hold a train car or engine. It depends on the work you want to do. Plastic pinch clamps are great. They come in different sizes and only need one hand. If you design a wood cradle to go with a pinch clamp it can hold all sorts of things that you can design.
I hate working on small items. I keep a lighted magnifier on the table.
I have also seen magnetic wrist bands. On your left wrist you can hold the extra tool.
Gee I am on a roll here.
Just ideas.
You just have to be inventive. An answer is somthing like an apple falling from a tree. You have to be searching, and eventually the solution presents itself. Today people like the cut and dry and quick. It isn't always so.

How about something to steady your arm, like a medical brace. May be worth a look. The only other thing you can do is preheat, then coat the iron and apply. I can do this with circuit boards because they don't require much. 16 gage wire connections are different.

After thinking about this last night I have to admire your tenacity. Many times I have been frustrated and needed a third hand.


To add a trick, when installing small screws attach a magnet to a shaft of the driver and hold the screw. Simple and it works.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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