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Suggetions needed

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I need some suggestions / ideas. My left arm and hand are kind of out of control due to a stroke. How can I replace my left hand on the work bench. I am using helping hand now (alligator clips on flexible mount) that does help but not a cure all. Suggestions please.:thumbsup:
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I am not sure what I am looking for. I have a foam cradle, helping hands, panavise and lighted magnifier. one of my problems is soldering. My left hand has seems to be always moving slightly no matter what I do. I have tried using helping hands to hold solder but need to feed solder also. It is possible that I have done all I can.
I thought I should show what I have now so I ran and took a pic, here it is.
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Thanks to all. I have put this on a few boards and gotten good replies.The thing that is most helpful is patience. Shaygetz will understand this delima. I have a Riverossi 4-6-4 . I took the boiler off not knowing the plastic piece between the cylinders was broken. The engineer side fell off. now I needed to put the piston rod back into cylinder , the crosshead back onto the rails and the cylinder back onto the frame with no left hand. Shagetz I said you would because you like working with older steam models.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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