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i searched and didnt find anything.

track - old tube track
power -zw transformer

just got my layout mostly figured out... so it was recommended to me to do a power drop every 6-8 ft and use isolator pins.

question 1
googled it and they say you only need to isolate the middle track?

When reading up on HO, they say run power to multiple parts of the track. Soldered track so not isolated.
question 2
can i just run power to parts of the track with the power clips and not do isolation pins?

Question 3
So power runs.. just center track for positive or do i need to supply power and ground to all 3 track pieces ?

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For what you have one clip should would work.
But put 2 on, yes use the clips.

Put one on, then put the other on far from the first one.

Clean the track good where the clips clip on. Clean the top of the rail good. Clean the pins and inside the tube where the pins go good.

I only use the plastic pins on my switches.
Or turnouts for those who like to use that term. :rolleyes:

Leave the HO for HO, it is different then O.

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If you are running conventional, there is no need isolate the center rail (unless you want to toggle a siding). If you were running DCS, a power drop every 10 or 12 track sections with isolated blocks is the recommendation. That may be where the recommendation came from.

If you have only one power feed and your trains stay around the same speed everywhere, then there is no need to add more drops. If your trains slow down in an area, you can add a drop to feed power to that area.
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