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Switch issue

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I am using Atlas Snap Track switches. I have two right hand ones connected to allow my trains to switch tracks. Both are wired to the same switch. My thought was that when the switch is moved both of the turnouts should move in-sync. Unfortunately this only occurs some of the time. Other times only one of the two switches move. I have redone the wiring and it all appears to be correct. These are being powered off of the transformer for the train. Is it possible that there is not enough juice to move two at once? If the amount of juice is not the issue then what might be? Both move freely by hand so I know nothing is binding.
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I run 4 turnouts off of one switch. I have 5 sets of 2 turnouts that run off of one switch each. I have never had a problem with them. Are yours hooked to the A/C output? are the wires big enough?

The way I have it wired is as follows: One (three wire RBG) going under the table. Then that is spliced into two, one to each switch. From what I understand from above I should have one long wire from the button to each switch and not one wire that is spliced to go to each switch?

I am not sure I fallow what you are asking. A have to assume a few things.

Atlas snap switches. And atlas switch control boxes.

This is the way that I have mine wired. Each snap switch and each control box has three terminals. I have connected the center to center, left to left and the right to right. This is the way to do it for one or more than one snap switch. If one of the snap switches is working back wards, swap the two outside wires. All switches should have all three wires running to them.

I hope this helps John
I just reread your post. I run one three conductor wire to the the first switch, then another three wire from the first switch to the next, and so on down the line.

I think you should test each snap switch independently. if each works on it's own then hook up the next and test again.

Are the switches new?

Is the controller new?
All that sounds good. what about the transformer, any reason to suspect trouble there? is it very well loved ( aka worn out )?
Strange I run three of them to.
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