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Dedicated for tanker trains
(An expensive model option).

MSRP $45.

Railroads use a buffer-car ahead of a Hazmat string to serve as a 'cushion' to protect personnel in the event of a derail or collision. All tanker unit-trains incorporate them.

Often it's a gondola or a boxcar, but can be just about anything except a flatcar.
Among Federal requirements are a 45 to 75-foot length, minimum 45 ton gross weight, and in certified good condition.
It's my understanding that they're filled with a non-shifting load, e.g., sand, sawdust, or scrap foam.
Their exteriors are often poorly maintained.

These Tangent Burlington hoppers are for dedicated buffer duty.
Although Tangent quality is legendary, I use a weathered Athearn RTR... cheaper and simpler.

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There is a crude oil train that goes past my house at least once a day sometimes you can catch 2 and they always have an old airslide 4 bay on either end as buffers. Look almost exactly like those
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