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Tank Car

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Here is my old tank car recently acquired. For the purists they came with electro couplers but they were knuckless so the dealer switched them out for me.

TJ if you go into NH again this guy is on route 28 in Wolfboro. Some big barnHe is only allowed to be opened major holiday weekends. Maybe next year he will be squared away. He goes under Twenty Century Limited.

So Ed, here is the rust bucket. Enjoy!


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Well, it is rusty, no doubt about that! :D
I keep trying to buy one of the Tootsie Roll or Life Saver cars, but they always go for absurd prices. :)
Bad link.
I did a search. A plastic frame with old trucks, I think I'll pass. ;) I really want the visual impact of the Life Saver or Tootsie Roll ones. :)
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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