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Temp layout Phase III

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Hey all,

Phase III has begun.....

This time the plywood is actually a complete 4'X8" sheet, and the track is secured to the board.....:D

The saga continues.....
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Woodland Scenic makes a pretty nice looking ground cover. You can buy them to fit a 4x5 layout. I am going to put it down and then build over top of it. My play is that after I build over top of it, it will eliminate any need to go back and fill in any bare spots.

not too expensive and your local train shop probably carries it. Of course, I am about as far as you are Matt, so this isn't proven or anything, just think it might be a fairly easy way to get it done.

Good luck!!!
haha... my bad. I actually meant to say 4x8, not 4x5. Guess I not only said the wrong thing, but put the wrong link up. thanks

next week is really big... I am going to be building my table. I think that I can get the framing done in one weekend, but could be way off.
I think that I am going to run some glue, but my plan was to do exactly what TJ said, and that is to staple it on the underside. I also am going to do this prior to attaching the 4x8 prior to attaching it to the framing.
as TJ said, many manufacturers make this... Woodland Scenic is the only one that I have seen in action and as I think I mentioned earlier, it is carried in stock at my local train shop.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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