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Thanks for the sounds Stationmaster

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This is marvfly, The other day you guys were helping me,thats when you put in the thread about train sounds. Now you got me hooked! That wasn,t from your train was it??
I went to my local shop this morning and he had a Polar Express Tender But I think the 26832 Tender might be more fitting for me ( generic) Know where a guy might get a good deal on one of these ? And is it anygood?:)
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Sounds from tenders

Stationmaster, I was refering to the sounds coming from the 26832 tender and was more or less asking your opinon about it.
Since you guys have more experience than I do I was hoping maybe you knew of some places that I might get a good deal on a purchase.

I did look on E-bay but didn,t see much ( maybe It was how I put it in )
Some sites I went to had a good price but didn,t have anymore and some you couldn,t get to talk to on the phone and no pics.

As for the sounds you sent I didn,t really think they came from a tender but went to the site you supplied I really enjoyed them. Thats when i decided I should get a tender with train sounds like the (generic ) 26832 Thanks:)
Will do Stationmaster,Thanks again Marvfly
Need one of those

Thanks for the tip Station master I will get one of them for my grandson to hear the real sounds. btw I did get a Trainsounds tender at my local dealer at a fair price ( 90.00 ) Thanks again marvfly:)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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