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Thanks for the sounds Stationmaster

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This is marvfly, The other day you guys were helping me,thats when you put in the thread about train sounds. Now you got me hooked! That wasn,t from your train was it??
I went to my local shop this morning and he had a Polar Express Tender But I think the 26832 Tender might be more fitting for me ( generic) Know where a guy might get a good deal on one of these ? And is it anygood?:)
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Check train shows, Ebay, kijiji, craigs list. Also try Walthers.

Which sound are you talking about? Most of the sounds, including my sig are from real trains.
Just be patient and look on ebay, kijiji, and craigslist every couple of days. I have found some great deals on all three. All of my steam engines' sound comes from the tender. No room anyplace else.

Even some of my diesels even have the decoder in the cab, no room under the hood.

Again just be patient, the deal will come to you if you keep your eyes open.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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