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It doesn't always have to cost a lot of money. This week I spent 18 bucks on cull lumber at Home Depot. For 1.01 I snagged two pieces of 3/4 MDF 4 by 4. Slightly dinged ,but a great upgrade for my table. My dimensions will go to two 4 by 8 pieces. (Please excuse the non metric measurements. Years go we we suppose to convert. I am surprised the President hasn't used this idea to spend more.) I also have lumber to shelve the power supplies. This way I will keep the transformers off the table. More projects to do.
The true expense is the time and effort. You get what you put into it and hopefully that it is more enjoyment than frustration. :D

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Rob, the expense is one of love, gaining knowledge, research, building something with a visual result. Any modeling, be it cars, wooden ships, sculpting, has it's pratfalls. But when finished with a "project", you have a moving piece of art. I know of no other way to put it.

I am always looking for ways to keep the cost down. I use real dirt, mosses, cull lumber, weeds, anything I think I wil be able to use, I experiment. I have a box of the fungus that grows on decaying trees. I am thinking of using it as a rock formations. I just haven't got around to "playing" with the idea.

Just a couple of weeks go a couple of my neighbors purchased new mattresses and box springs. I went and grabbed their "throw-aways" and stripped them of the wood and metal. Both will be used somewhere on some module down the road.

I enjoy thinking "outside the box" when building modules and using "free" things to construct and scenic the layout. Even the the Good Lord isnt' making any more dirt, I'm sure he won't mind if I use a bit for my layout.

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