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the set is here

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Yesterday my set arrived along with the Pere Marquette , so I started the break in and after a few laps each around the provided track they both sounded like they were a little dry so this weekend I will pick up the necessary lube and such and lube every thing before going any further ... I must say they are really detailed, even the wife was impressed, I can't wait till Christmas
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Well we just got back from The Chattanooga Choo Choo and it was sweet , we stayed in an old Victorian train car that had been converted into a room and we rode the Polar Express / North Pole Express as they have to call it ... I guess, but more later as I am tired from the drive
hey Shay we have been playing with the Brio since he could hold 'em and here are a few pics for those of you who can't wait
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you can thank my wife for the pics as she is the photographer and I thank you for compliment on the wife and child...these pics don't scratch the surface, the card these came off of had 187 files and they're are 2 more cards...she wants to be a professional photo taker if you can't tell, I will post a lot more photos if everybody would like to see 'em
I will post a link to photo bucket as soon as they are all up loaded
ok here goes there are a lot of pages that include the whole weekend which includes a trip to star cars in Gatlinberg and the aquarium and well start to finish but we forgot to take the camera to Rock City ... the train stuff starts on page 8 the model RR starts on 12 and we also stopped on the way home and cut own very own Christmas tree
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