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Give this a little bump.

From the link,
Become a part of it

You can become a citizen, and a permanent part of the display when you donate $100 or more. As a citizen, you'll receive a passport, of course, and when you come for the first time we'll scan you in a full body scanner and 3D print you in miniature.

The new little you will be given a permanent home in the display, and you'll receive a framed photo of mini you in the display to take with you. Your citizenship also comes with two free admissions, special citizen pricing, and access to a live video feed so you can watch as we build Gulliver's Gate.

Wow, for a $100 buck donation they will scan me and put me in my 18 wheeler tanker driving over the GW bridge. :smilie_daumenpos:
Well maybe standing on the bridge? :p

For a donation of $500 you’ll receive a limited edition, numbered GG caboose by Walthers, HO scale, in a collector’s case.You’ll be trained by one of our engineers and be able to run vehicles from the control room, and take the master builder workshop of your choice for free. You and three friends will be made full citizens, and take home a signed collector’s edition DVD copy of the “Building Gulliver’s Gate” documentary film. We’ll etch your name in stone on the wall honoring our most enthusiastic supporters.

Transport Rolling stock Scale model Railroad car Train

For a donation of $2,000 you’ll receive a customized Walthers GG Locomotive, as well as citizenship for yourself and three friends. This numbered, limited edition collectible comes in a collector’s case. To honor your extraordinary support we'll also create a billboard just for you that will be part of the display. We look forward to meeting you at the grand opening gala.

Steam engine Transport Locomotive Scale model Vehicle
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