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A short video testing my first loop. Two others will follow but I'm switching to restoration for the time being, Sorry for the grainy video. I need to figure out the correct camera settings optimum quality. And my "Super O-27" track actually looks much better in person than in the video.

Lighting is strip LEDs. They span the length of the layout on the ceiling parallel to the front. Just barely enough light. I have another strip that will go up soon.

I paid a lot of attention to the pin connections on the used O-27 track. All pins were wire brushed and the opposite side receptacles cinched. Only one power connection near the crossing and it connects power to all sides. All the semi-circles are soldered together. You can see an electrical connection between them at the far side. No power distribution issues for this light load.

Watch the switch on the right (Marx Early metal) . I used two Arduino modules to create a circuit to save the solenoid from 16 V accessory power. When the first LED lights, the isolated track connects 16 V to the switch coil. When the second LED lights, the 16 V feed is disconnected. A train could park on the isolated track and the coil won't burn out. Both LEDs will stay lit and the circuit will prevent the 16 V from reaching the coil. When the LEDs go out, the circuit is ready for the next cycle.

First Test Video
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