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If there are any Thomas the Tank Engine fans out there, you might be interested in this.
I've got measurements of the original model of locomotive "Sir Handel" from season 4 of the show. I've designed a CAD model and am going to place a batch order for laser cut brass body parts. The brass thicknesses are original to the model used on the show. This would be a fun kit/scratch building project.

The first batch will be an order of 15 locomotives worth of parts. I currently have 11 out of 15 customer slots filled. You can take a look at the project document here for more information. Feel free to sign up, but you'll need to have a Twitter account so that I can actively communicate with you about the project status. If you sign up please put your Twitter @ handle in the signup box on the second page so that I can contact you.

Twitter user @ThomasTankMerch is the owner of the original model from the show and has graciously provided me with all the details and measurements of the locomotive. The project document linked above has a list of the parts required to complete the model including, wheels, boiler tube, buffers, etc. I also have designed the internals of the model as well so I can provide info on the prefered motor type, eye mechanism hardware, etc..

My Twitter handle is @TDoc_41. Send me a direct message if interested and I can answer any questions you might have.

The current price for a body kit of brass parts is $92.24 if we are able to get 15 applicants. Since this is a batch order, we need to have 15 customers to keep the price per person low. Shipping will be billed after the order is placed on an individual basis based on your location. I can ship to wherever, but I am based in the US.

Hope to hear from some of you.

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