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This one is for BigEd. Perhaps this will not be considered as such a downer, as it were. This one is an oldie from my archives.

I hope this verse,
Receives a quorum,
From friends and members,
Of the Model Train Forum.

The hobby we share,
Oft times with great flare,
Gives ease to our mind,
And smiles to mankind.

Skill levels diverse.
In our universe.
From building a table,
For those who are able,
To laying of track,
We have the knack.

The trains that are run,
In circular fashion,
Provide us great fun,
And reflect our passion.

Though the rooms fill with smoke,
And far too much noise,
When the trains are running,
All men become boys.

From the mountain down,
Into a hand built town,
Under the trestle, over the bridge,
And once again, up the ridge,
Our trains travel many miles,
And cause many smiles.

When the end does arrive,
And we cease to survive,
Somewhere in heaven,
Runs an O Gauge train,
On track number seven.


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Thanks Spence. I wrote this when I joined this forum.

Railroad Tycoon
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Nice Bob,.................right up to the last paragraph. :unsure:
( I did give you a like ) :)
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