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Train lamp....

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Ok, this my belong in different section and mods feel free to move... my question is does anyone know here of a train themed lamp, not really for the trains, more for an end table... the reason I ask is because if anyone has been following my posts ( generally in the oo section ) that I got my grandads trains when he passed, well, I have been steady buying and outgrew the trunk I had it all stored in.
Fast forward to two weeks ago and I get a call from my mum, she had packed my grandads tool chest when she moved everything over here from the uk. She has since sold all his old wood working and cabinet making tools ( a whole nother story and whole new level of pissed.....) anyway, she kept trunk and asked if I wanted it, it was pretty beat up, but I said yes, brought it home, made a few repairs and sanded and stained it, it is considerably larger than last one.
I decided I want it on display in my living room.. so it is now filled with trains and will serve as an end table.
To top if off circles us back to the lamp question, as would like something trainy. ( is that a word?? Lol) open to ideas.. thanks in advance
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Thank for the input, loving the idea of a lantern, will look into it further
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