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Got some great insight on the other post I made about the train derailing so thought I most post this up.

Below I linked a video (not the best angles) of the incomplete layout after we moved it yesterday. We will have a 3rd loop in the middle and use 4 of the basic turnouts to create parking spots for 4 trains in the middle (I'm short a few straights which I have since ordered)

I also ordered another #5/#6 turnout so he can cross all the tracks without reversing at least one way.

27" radius track on the outside, table is appox 10" x 4".

Anything I can do with the limited space to spice it up a bit for my 5yo son to make it more interactive - he just loves controlling the switches and just going round but I'm interested in adding more elements for him.

Is there a cheapish way to add another level / raised section with something pre-fabbed? I have some second hand pier sets but they don't seem very solid.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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