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Wanted to let anyone in the San Antonio area know there is a Train show coming to town:

Jul 25 - 26 2009
7th Balcones Heights Family Train Show
Crossroads Mall
Southwest Corner of IH10 & Loop 410​

My question is, is there a section of the forums where we can rate a train shows we go to, and give a discription of it. That way other members can check how past train shows in their area have been and decide to go, how much cash to have on hand, etc, etc. Just an Idea.

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Well Cid, if we had an updated calendar you could post it there.It ended in 2006. I just keep a clipboard with leaflets from every attended show. Online has sites but the trick is to fined one show and grab the pages for local shows.:eek:hwell: Sorta like our chat room.
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