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Okay, I went to the train show this weekend - bought nothing. However, my father sold everything he had in HO and made a bit of money. Man, didn't realize how much those model trains cost. But there were sure some beauties there!

On another note, you may recall in another post I showed you some posters my father had of trains and I was trying to find out who the artist was. I actually contacted the artist and he advised that the prints my father had were from the paintings he did in the 70's. Well, as promised, the artist sent me 2 actual prints of his most recent paintings of trains, along with 1 poster of a truck he painted for Mack. He is quite well known in the trucking industry for his artwork, but nobody seems to know about his train paintings.

I am attaching copies for your pleasure (sorry, photos aren't that great)! Remember, these are not photos that he took of trains, but actual paintings he has done - INCREDIBLE!!!



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