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I have a Lionel Power Max Plus Transformer / Controller. It came with FasTrack. It is only 40 watts. It will run a train on the flat, but that is about all. My Williams FA will run with it and horn works.

Now, I also have an MRC 600 - total output is 50VA. It worked fine until yesterday. I have a lockon that the wires are hooked to.
- when I turn on the power, the horn stays on all the time and you just barely touch the throttle up and it goes like a bat..... turn throttle down and it kills the motors. I let the TRANSFORMER rest over night and it worked fine the next day, now it is doing it again. Changed back to the Power Max and horn and engine move as they should, but not enuf power to go up hills with that 40 watts.

What do you think about the MRC 600? Bad Transformer?
Do I have a power prob.?? a short??

Also, when it works correctly, I have to give it very little throttle to make the engine run, but it is not enuf power to make the lights on the Engine bright. Can that be fixed?

Running in Conventional mode.


Mr. Bill

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Ok Your conventional horn works with a DC pulse. You say itis on all the time so the button is stuck (at least, if not broken). Check the button or lever or watever it is and recheck your wiring. New transformers have to have the wires specifically to a certain rail.
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