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Transparent lens for marker lights

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I´m looking for transparent (green, red or yellow), lens to improve the marker lights of my proto 2000 engines.
Please can anybody write me with the manufacturers for this item?
Thanks in advance
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Why not look at some of the really small LED's, they come in 3mm dia. and
red, green, yellow, white, and I think now blue.
There are also some really tiny led's that I have used, I believe they were
smaller than 3mm. I have bought them from JamesCo, Mouser, and
other electronics companies,
You could use them as the lights directly, as they will opearate of 3-5vdc, and at about 2-3ma. just put a resister in series for dropping the voltage, or get really fancy, and put a dc voltage regulator, so the they will not burn out, and stay at max brilliance until the operating voltage drops below about
5 VDC. I am planing to use these on one of my test engines, and put a LM317
dc voltage regulator circuit under the hood of the engine.

As I convert all my switchs to DC motor operated, I am planing to add these
tiny LEDs to each switch, to show position.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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