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Ed gave me the idea with his suggestion. Common problems exist so I will add some common threads on a particular subject.

Any beginner should have a copy of the basic o/027 manual. You can save it from here.

To Transformers click here

To Track threads

To e unit for Marx and Lionel

The E unit, stubborn reverse device with a nasty history.

Solder, how to do it

Whistle, Thar she blows! Yokens theme.

Diesel whistle.

Prewar whistle discussion

6466x tender

More 6466x

whistle-horn button, make your own.

Smoke units. The stuff just gets in your eyes!

GRJ upgrade promotion.

2026 smoker

637 non smoker problem

6-18006 modern smoker .

More diodes more smoke

Wind your own

Yukon Jack rebuilds the Marx smoke unit to a 666

Trucks and Couplers

Truck Study prewar to modern and all mixed up.

Plastic Truck repair

How to install a knuckle with a spring and rivet.

022 switch

Servo guy link Bruce has done it all.

MTF discussion on the switch.

1122 switch

switch and bulb

Switch cleaning

test a switch

Modern 022 switch warning

These are just a few chosen t hreads. The search engine has a tag or w ord search feature. We encourage you to try it.

The purpose of this t hread is purely to be a reference. As usual, we recommend a separate t hread to encourage discussion.

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ZW roller and cord replacement

Transformer V starting voltage

Transformers connection to track chart- and KW check

How to phase two transformer together JW trains article.

Turn an AC power supply to DC

Any good service manual has this information. I know some of the Lionel train set manuals were extensive with product information on transformers and accessories.

LW Hum

hum is a key feature on buying tansformers, many have it. Most of the time it cannot be fixed if

too loud. One trick is to tighten any frame work against the plates to stop the vibration.

Wiring and How much Power? by Lionel

1033 whistle and diagram

Homemade Button Controller for Whistle Activation

LW Transformer

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Postwar Engine Wheel/Part number

Quote from Teledoc and pdf files from Gunrunner John. It was easier to copy the files than the post. I am getting rusty.

I have the Postwar Engine/Wheel part numbers finally done, so that anyone looking for what wheel is used on a particular engine will know what part number to use. I compiled a list for Prewar O and 027 engines and this Postwar list, for anyone to use as a reference. Sorry that it is only in .JPG format, but someone like Rkenney usually sees these lists I post, and does a .PDF conversion. I use both XP and Windows 7, and by using the right mouse button, you can save it to your computer for your own collection.
I compiled these lists, so that people can search in one location, and find what you need.

View attachment 64289

View attachment 64297

View attachment 64305

View attachment 64313

View attachment 64321


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