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Tru-Color weathering paintset

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Excellent paint
Good for airbrushing.

Six 1-oz bottles:
Rust... Oxide brown... Weathered black... Weathered concrete... Grime... Dust.

If you like solvent based paint, this is an excellent brand. ScaleTrains claims to match all their models to Tru-Scale colors, and I can vouch for it... my RivetCounter UP SD40-2 needed an Armour Yellow touch up, and it blended perfectly.
BTW, I've seen projects treated with the Rust and Dust, and they were very convincing. The Tangent tanker is 'Dusted' (poor lighting, sorry).

All the Tru-Color paints I've used (straight or thinned) exhibited excellent adhesion & coverage, dried quickly & smooth, and were ready to decal & clear-coat in 24-30 hours.
I just happen to prefer airbrushing with my favorite acrylics (Vallejo or ModelFlex) for easy cleanup.

MSRP $33... LHS ~ $22.50.

Acetone based.
Paintbooth ventilation required.


Example... "Dust".
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