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TT Scale Focus

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This weekend I'm doing a TT scale focus on my website:

Yesterdays' post blog post was about some very nice, but expensive, American prototype TT scale trains from Germany. Todays is about a narrow gauge 3mm (British TT) layout in the UK. I'd be honored if you'd give these posts a look, and some of the related articles that are linked on the page. Your feedback in the comments is always appreciated too.

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I looked it over and I agree---it strikes me as a site with a lot of information, a very good resource. I would like to offer an observation, and I hope you won't take it as critical. I run S scale, one that is invariably lumped into "Others" or "Exotic". I agree it's a fair assessment; there aren't that many of us. The sites that do this tell me there is nothing in the site about my primary interest. I have no problem with it, since you post what your group is interested in. However, you also ensure (for your site) zero growth where those scales are concerned. Consider: if your home page said "Dedicated to HO and N scalers, Everywhere", how many O or G users would return for a second look after reading that?
Again, there's nothing wrong with a site that focuses on G, O, HO, and N---I'm fully behind any site that contributes to model railroading at large. I am pointing out, though, that you won't attract those "other" scalers when you start off by minimalizing their area of interest. They'll gather elsewhere.

Best wishes to a really good site,
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