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Turnout derails

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All, I am having issues with derails on my inner loop of my layout as I enter a turn just past a turnout. Best guess is that as the engine is entering the turn, it is putting pressure on the truck of the first car behind it to the outside of the turn. This tends to be right where the groove is for the sliding track of the turnout forcing the truck to jump off. It appears to only be the first car behind the engine (which has couples fixed to the chassis vs the truck). A drawing of my layout should be included with derailment locations circled in red. Thoughs were to file down the turnout (Atlas #4 at top and #6 at bottom) so the end of the groove isn't as much of a jump. Anyone else had this issue?


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Push the engine slowly over the area with your hand. Don't put downward pressure on it. Watch the wheels to see what's happening. Sometimes there is a dip at the turn which the trucks will ride over, especially 6 axle engines.
Also keep an eye on the couple pin. I've had new rolling stock with low hanging coupler pins that would snag the cross rails at turnouts and cause derailments. Once again, push it by hand and watch what's happening.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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