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Two stations

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My wife and I built these stations from kits. The first, tower/station combo is a LVM kit, the second is a RSM/RAil Scale kit. As far as place names, they’re places that mean something to us. The stairs on the Hudson MI station were done by hand, by my wife.

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Very nicely done. Are those laser cut wood or card stock kits?
The RSM is laser cut. They’re both wood,with a some card stock.
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I like how they look. They would be a great addition in a visible spot on a layout.
That’s the plan.
Working on a layout. Was going to be a double track , but not able to get the curves to work.

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Double track on the same level requires 52" wide sections so it not possible to do it on 48" wide sections if the layout is "L" shaped.
That’s something I found out the hard way.
I see you have the best help in the world!!
Yup. My son. The layout is partly for him. All started when I pulled out the old train collection and ran it in our kitchen on AM track for him. I actually sold off 2 of my firearms and my Flyonel locomotives to pay for new Flyer Fastrack, building kits, and a Flyerchief PM Berkshire.
I gave all my firearms to my younger son..A son should get his Dad's guns, just my way of thinking.. What type of guns did you sell, if I may ask?
A Springfield Garrison 1911 9mm and a Ruger Mini-14 . I still have several. I told my wife that certain ones she is to keep for our son. The rest , do what she wants to with them.
Are you planning on leaving the layout outside?
No. We just sat it on an outside table while working on it.
No problem. I work in the gun business. My personal collection is pretty modest. But I do have some nice ones. I basically told my wife to keep the nice walnut & steel and the 2 revolvers I’ve currently got for our son, should anything happen to me.
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