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Two to Tango

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Below are two Switchers I picked up at $175 CDN for the pair some time ago. They are a work in progress and were in poor shape at the time however I'm starting to slowly get them into shape with necessary parts ordered. Their numbers appear not to have been replaced or tampered with.

The 343 was the worst; rear Pulmor rubber wheels gooey mess (replaced), 1 Pulmor on front (replaced with regular wheel), E unit cleaned, all handrails polished (Pilot rails to replace), front KC missing (replaced), Front tender truck held together with wire (that is why you see a hole in the side frame) [Repaired], pickup shoes almost worn through (in transit), boiler front to replace. Complete clean and touchup when the rest is finished.

The 342 was a little better; Pulmor wheels on rear (considering to replace with the correct regular ones however based on the boiler shell date stamp May 53' not sure), E unit cleaned, all handrails polished (again Pilot plus tender rails to replace), Link bar missing (will replace or convert to KC - KC conversion done previously on tender), tender heralds and letters to replace, boiler front to replace.

Both had enough oil and grease to lube four tractor trailers however, all things considered I estimate about $50 each for parts (some of which I already had) so at $275 for the pair works for me. When done I will post the finished results but that won't be for a few months (too many other irons in the fire). J.B.


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Thanks for the information on the 342 Tom. I was thinking that some train repair shop probably changed the wheels based on a customer complaint that the engine did not have enough traction to pull a significant number of cars. I ordered some regular ones on a hunch that might be the case. Regards, Barry
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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