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Goodbye cruel N Scale World...

I'm dumping all my N scale and wanted to give this site first crack since everyone here has been more than helpful to me. All items are like new except where noted and everything is less than 6mos old.

The reason I am selling is that I have no room to put these out, my fat fingers and 40yo eyesight can't fix things when they need fix'n, and have decided to stick with my first love, O Gauge.

Please PM me if you are interested.

Items and Prices (include shipping):
Kato Untirack V16 - $95
Kato Unitrack V12 - $125
Kato Amfleet Intercity Phase VI (#106-6286) - $60
Kato Amfleet Car Phase VI (#25003) - $25
Hobbytrain/Lemke Vectron (#H 2962) - $100
Kato New Haven RDC-3 (66-020) - $30 (replacement part added)

~All Unitrack "may" have a little dog hair on it. It is clean, but, well... I have a dog.
*RDC-3 will included extra parts
**Intercity will include extra truck and coupler
***Vectron will include Rapido and NEM couplers (interchangeable)

-Not sure why but all my picts show up sideways on this site.

Unitrack V16

Transformer wires have been adjusted for non-Kato transformer, but orig clips included for connection to Kato style.

Unitrack V12

Intercity Amfleet Set

Amfleet Car 25003

Hobbytrain Vectron

Kato New Haven RDC-3
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