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Here is the breakdown of user titles, it's based on the number of posts you have:

Gang Laborer - 0-99 posts
Brakeman - 100-249 posts
Conductor - 250-699
Engineer - 700+

Looks like we have a few members who are getting to the end of the hard labor stage! Thanks for all your contributions.

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New expanded user titles !!!

Attentional all of you model train heads ...

Due to our ever-expanding growth and continued great contributions from our membership, the MTF Mod and Admin teams are pleased to introduce new User Title rankings, effective 06 Mar 2012, tiered to member posts counts, as follows:

Hobo 0
Gang Labourer 50
Brakeman 100
Conductor 250
Engineer 500
Dispatcher 1000
Station Master 2500
Yard Master 5000
Train Master 7500
Railroad Baron 10000
Person With No Life 1,000,000

So ... Fill up that hobo napsack, collect those fares, monitor the brakes, dispatch the 7:15 ontime, and work your way up to fame and fortune. (Well ... fame may be sketchy ... fortunes may be mythical ... but there's certainly plenty of fun to go around!)

So, congratulations you all. Keep contributing, and enjoy the ride!

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