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very new with tons of questions

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so im looking to get into model trains and have some questions.

im thinkin id like Ho. is that pretty basic any pros or cons?

2 or 3 rail systems?

whats the diffs between diesel and steam as far as operation and proformance?

ive already learned alot reading for the past 6 hrs.

but still have lots to learn.

thanks for your time
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thanks guys

Im thinkin i like the diesel Ho, ive seen alot of atlas i like(norfolk southern cause thats what runs near my house). is there a limit to how many cars i can pull?
i think my cars will be pretty heavy cause im thinkin of a smalltown/ farm layout and putting some small scale die-cast tractors and such on flat cars so iknow that will make it heavy. can i add another loco not a dummy but a real one. im building a 10x12 building to use so space shouldnt be a issue as far as size of the train and layout.
maybe around the room if i can figure out how to use just 3 walls due to the doorway. i just got back from lowe's and my building went from 10x12 too 12x14 so space shouldnt be a problem.

any thoughts on bachman?
thanks for all the replys

today i seen a athern kit with track and maybe 6-8 cars and loco with everything a man needs to get started at a little shop close by my house for $109 is that a good deal?
i guess ill go get that one. dont have to pay shipping and i can keep my money local plus the guy at the shop is a real nice guy so id feel better paying him than a website

thanks for all your help
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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