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Kits from back in the day
(a revived interest).

I greatly appreciate the modern structure kits available these days, e.g., FOS, RDA, etc... even some Laserkit.
Their incredibly well-detailed parts, and excellent wood pieces make them a (relative) dream to assemble, and render superb realism.
However, the bulk of my structure kits are some old vintage ones... Campbell, Suydam, Scale Structures Ltd, etc.

These old kits were mostly a p.i.t.a. to assemble, but that's exactly what made the finished model so rewarding, especially if you did a good job sanding, filing, trimming and painting all the external pieces prior to starting.
Most of the sanding was just to remove 'milling hairs' from the balsa & basswood parts. Trimming & filing was always necessary to remove flash from Zamac pieces.
BTW, they weren't too concerned about internal bracing ('paint warp') back then, so it was up to you to take care of it.

My first few kits were finger-assembled using Ambroid tube cement... an exercise in self abuse. I can still feel all that dried hardened crap on my fingertips.
Then I graduated to tweezers, using Elmers, Weldbond, and CA.

All this nostalgia was brought about last Saturday, when I dusted off a still unopened Campbell kit... a corrugated warehouse. There'll be a neat little spot for it on the edge of an industrial area.

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Campbell shingles

I don't recall ever building a Campbell kit. However, these days I often don't recall what I went out to the garage to get, so who knows? :laugh: I do use Campbells paper shingles, which were included in many of their kits. Since the shingles are HO-scale, I adapt them to N-scale by making extra cuts to reduce the width, and overlapping the rows closer to reduce the apparent height. This works out pretty well I think.

Have Fun!

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When I was modeling HO, I always built Campbell, Fine Scale Miniatures, Gloor Craft and many other craftsman grade kits. I Love the look of the finished product. I think the wood walls didn’t ‘paint warp’ because it was a better grade of wood, such as sugar pine or basswood.
So now I’m buying the O scale Craftsman kits I can find on eBay or local hobby shops and online hobby shops.
All my models are built from craftsman grade wood kits. I have Just a few plastic ones.
The wood is just so much more realistic looking.
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