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My industrial warehouse
Rail & trucking.

Kit #933-3760... Grocery Distributor.

I needed a 3 or 4-bay rail/trucking warehouse... for crate and pallet stuff.
This Walthers Cornerstone kit fit the bill. Lots of beige and gray plastic. It's tedious but not difficult.
However, brickwork without any mortar doesn't cut it for me.

There are brick & mortar techniques, (some are on YouTube) but I've always had my own methods.
Vallejo acrylics and clear acrylic layers.
Some drybrushing, but mostly airbrush and 'wipe-in'. Final-sealed with DullCote.
Concrete was trial and error.
To clarify... the truck dock is the 4-bay side.

I'll be making my own signage, but I haven't settled on it yet.


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TOTALLY realistic!! Only needs some little traces of pigeon poop beneath the canopy hanger rods... 😅

Hey! The 1:1 world is not always pretty...

I think you REALLY nailed the brick walls!

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Looks very nice. Did you airbrush some kind of wash?
Overall weathering was airbrushed & drybrushed.
There are drybrushing tutorials on YouTube.

The brickwork was done in layers...
Base color, airbrushed, with some drybrushed areas, followed by a thorough cover of clear gloss acrylic. Let dry completely.
Then 'mortar' is dabbed on, and wiped... leaving it between bricks.
Repeat if necessary.
Finish with DullCote.

Window glazing needs to be protected, or installed when done.
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