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Walthers Gold Line Bethgons​

These cars are nicly detailed plastic models that run great in unit trains.

They have good weight balance and the trucks are mounted tight but not to tight preventing the car from doing major wobling down the tracks.

The trucks have nice prototipical frames that are positioned correctly on the main body. they also consist of metal wheels. this will be helpful to those of you out there who have large layouts and dot have the time to clean your tracks all the time. Metal wheels have less residue buildup preventing the tracks from getting dirty quickly and also helps the car run smooth.

The cars have prototypical bodys with the correct paint scheme and "Bathtub" bays. The Brake details are already assembled and put on the model. The grab irons are molded on,but they Still look realistic.

The interior of the cars is just as prototypical as the outside containing the three braces and the "Bathtub" bay drop-in.

  • Nicly Detailed
  • Good Balance
  • Metal Wheels
  • Correct Paint Scheme
  • Prototypical Truck Frames
  • "Bathtub" Bays
  • Brake Details
  • Correct Truck Positioning
  • Run Great in Unit Trains
  • Interior Braces
  • Interior "Bathtub" Bay Drop-in

  • Molded Grab Irons

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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